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Picture taken as cranes remove debris after the attack known as the “Bologna Massacre” at the Bologna railway station on 2 August 1980 by the neo-fascist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari. With 85 deaths & 200 wounded it is the deadliest massacre in the history of Italy as a Republic.
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Woke up like dis
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So I guess instead of seeing this guy again(the one I saw yesterday) I am going to a bridal shower?

No. I want kinky rough sex, not… whatever is involved in a bridal shower. Like I literally don’t know anybody on my sisters side of the family. Ive never even met her other sister. Wait what do you wear to a bridal shower? all black with a beautiful platform black heel?

I think I would rather see that dude again.

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i still think about this tweet all the time
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Anonymous: why do you hate straight people?

Cos I can #summer2007 #gunshot

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Anonymous: What's your mothers maiden name? Your first pets name? Favorite teacher? First car? Favorite book? First street you lived on?

You think you are hot shit but youre really cold dirriaha

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Anonymous: are you a force to be reckoned with? can you be stopped?

I am like swine flu. Or crocs.

Terrible but not as bad as a flip phone.

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Anonymous: How do you feel about candy crush going out of business?

Same as I do about Trinity K bonet

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Anonymous: wow.

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Anonymous: have you ever thought about giving up blogging and becoming a cat?

24/7 non stop

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Anonymous: no this isn't will. who is this will. wow. what a stupid person that must be.

Good cos I want to bully him more.

With his dumb shaved head and poop face.

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Anonymous: irgoadgrjpzdfhjhdjk;hzj;'aeuiopaeryjk37qu905uijthnhnahdfadfhjadgjlqtyu9y5ihtm ngmsfd'ghf??

Are these Sk8r Boi lyrics?

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